First and foremost, how does one define sexual harassment? Is it still prevalent in today's society? Well, it may come as a shock to you but the very act itself is still present in the different scenarios of today's realities. Even though those various forms of media have greatly made people aware of the consequences of such actions, there is still a surprising rate of individuals that do participate in such misconduct whether at home, a public place or even at the workspace at that. While it is quite common that men do engage in such advances to the other party involved, women as well could be at the fault if they too do make some unwanted sexual advances to another individual. Whatever the case may be, there is still an alarming rate of persons that are deemed to be sexual predators within the community. While there may be groups that are aimed towards the protection of those that were harassed, not much has been done to detect the people who were the perpetrators to one's identity and dignity in the process. Who knows, there may be a lot of fellowmen out there that are suffering in silence. What is vital for one to do here is to take immediate action on the shattering effects that would come out of a situation wherein sexual harassment is in play. Click on this website for more:

There are of course a lot of questions that could go to your head regarding the reasoning as to why people would do such things to other workmates, friends or even relatives at that. Are they ignorant or are they even conscious with what they are doing to that other person?  Well, various individuals do have their own diverse state of mind to take into consideration, but for sure, it could be somewhat of a blend between the two. If you like to go to the specifics, then you should know that sexual harassment could either be deemed as hostile or quid pro quo. The latter in this is pretty prevalent in various professions as quid pro quo covers mainly on the bribing aspect that one would have in order for the other to get the job or get promoted to a higher position within the company or business. Hostile harassment is self-explanatory though, as a situation is called to be hostile when one would forcibly have the other party perform sexual contact with them by force. Discover more here:
The Reality of Sexual Misconduct and Harassment